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Whats on offer at Country Kids

The community has always been kind and supportive of my family daycare business and each day I have families looking for care wanting to experience what we have to offer.

Family Daycare Australia's ethos is 'In small groups, children will enjoy a natural approach to play and discovery, and form genuine lasting bonds with their qualified and passionate early childhood educator, while you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is happy in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment. When choosing care for your child, family day care isn’t just the right choice — it’s the natural one.' This fitted perfectly with the ethos of Country Kids Childcare...Naturally Fun! Still I wanted more families to experience the joys of nature play and the benefits of learning through nature. So I have decided to expand my services and invite families to join us through playgroups and workshops.



One of the best lessons children can be taught in their early years is to play outdoors

For children, play is learning. There is no better space for kids to learn than the outdoors, and there is no better play resource than nature.

Country Kids Childcare’s Forest Garden Program supports children being left to their own devices while as educators we supervise from a distance. We love to follow the theory of ‘Circle of Security- Hands holding hands’ program and provide a secure base for children in our forest school environment. We believe as educators and caregivers our role is to support children’s exploration by watching over them, delight in them, help them when needed and to enjoy with them. We are there for them when they are ready to return, welcome them back to that safe haven, protecting them, comforting them, again delight in them and help organise their feelings.

Term 1 we will be offering a Nature Based Playgroup where adults together with their children can also actively participate in nature play, through child-led play activities, sensory experiences, music, story, forest bathing and meditation and risky play.

Our playgroup is designed to meet the ever-growing movement of parents wanting in increase their children's learning through nature play.

Nature play significantly improves all aspects of child development – physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. Playing outdoors grows resilience, self-confidence, initiative, creativity and more. It encourages the joy of movement; it nurtures wild imaginations, experimentation, friendships, social connections, and behaviour.


Always remember to be BIGGER, STRONGER, WISER and KIND.

Whenever possible: follow your child’s lead.

Whenever necessary: take Charge.

Playgroup operates the first Monday of each month. Playgroup is beneficial to children 0 years to School Age and homeschool families are also welcome to join us.  Cost is $15 for 1 child families and $20 for 2+ child families. Under 12mths are free . Once bookings are confirmed and paid for, any cancellations will require a minimum of one weeks notice to receive a full refund. For less then one weeks notice you will receive a credit for a future workshop.

 Click on the photo for a Playgroup photo video!



There’s nothing more nourishing than spending time in nature. Nothing that is more nurturing to our spirit and soothing to our soul than being in the natural world. Our creative expression becomes more instinctive when immersed in the stillness of a forest or the invigorating breeze that blows. Just as creativity is a natural part of being human, spending time outdoors is the most effortless and beautiful way to inspire your innate creativity. Country Kids Childcare...Naturally Fun will be holding a series of workshops for families to attend. I will facilitate some of them myself based on sustainable crafts, nature art and therapy. I will also enlist the skills and knowledge of some of our local artist, therapist, crafters and more to share their skills with you. Up and coming for the school term and next school holidays is the Girl Power...Naturally Club and Workshops. Once bookings are confirmed and paid for, any cancellations will require a minimum of one weeks notice to receive a full refund. For less then one weeks notice you will receive a credit for a future workshop.


WoolworthsLandcare Grant approved.

Inspiring and educating with a difference!

About this project

The aim of our project is to revegetate a natural area of our service, planting native flora to encourage native wildlife, butterflies, bees, birds and insects to inhabit there. We will improve the soil because it is red dirt once used as cane fields and add a native beehive to encourage the bees to pollinate the native plants. The children will be involved in the preparation and planting of the flora onsite, watering the plants and spreading mulch around them to conserve moisture. With guidance from an Environmental/soil Scientist and forester, they will be testing the soil and adding nutrients. They will be monitoring the growth and recording any fauna activity to the site. The expected (environmental and educational) outcomes of the project include studying the life cycles of flora and fauna, and the connection between them in eco systems. We will appreciate the visual and aesthetic appeal of flora and fauna, learning to respect the environment and how to look after it for generations to come.

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