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Our mission at Country Kids Childcare 'GIRL POWER'  is to foster a positive mindset, inner confidence and resilience in young girls through fun and interactive workshops. 


Our workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of creative and engaging activities.


Girls come away from a GIRL POWER workshop knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives and with increased social awareness.


More info on the Girl Power Workshops being scheduled for the school holidays.


In each workshop we cover five key areas -

individuality &strengths, friendship, growth mindset, resilience & gratitude. However, in each workshop, the activities vary ensuring your child enjoys a different experience at each event in case you have been to one before. The girls will learn but also have fun...

Identifying our own unique strengths

Celebrating our individuality

Unpacking the elements of a healthy friendship

Learning tools to manage social challenges

Engaging in a mindfulness activity

Expressing gratitude

The workshop will be held mainly outside surrounded by nature as Outdoor learning has positive impacts for children – it works on their intrinsic motivation for learning, provides enjoyable lessons, increases creativity, and activates thinking outside the box.

INTRODUCING NEW VACATION FUN DAYS- Girls aged Prep-12yrs beginning December 6th

Looking for fun experiences during the school holidays that cater just for Girls, then Girl Power...Naturally has it sorted. The first week will be available for private school girls finishing a week earlier and will operate on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th December 8.15am-3.30pm however if you need extended hours then they will be available at a small extra cost. The initial cost is $70 each per day and $55 for a second sibling. Book any two days and recieve a further discount of $10.

The Girls will:

- Rekindle friendships made previously

- Make new friends during the holidays

- Enjoy all the experiences they love and more!

- Be cared for by a professional qualified educator

- Participate in team building games & challenges

- Learn new skills

- Play and learn outside

- Most of all have fun


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Our Girl Power Clubs provide a safe and supportive environment where girls can develop self-confidence, discuss weekly joys and concerns and enjoy empowering creative activities. The club can run for up to 6 weeks each term and cover some of the following topics:

Topic 1: Individuality & Identifying Strengths

Topic 2: Social Skills

Topic 3: Positive Friendships

Topic 4: Friendship Fires & Bully-Proof Skills

Topic 5: Growth Mindset 

Topic 6: Resilience

Topic 7: Gratitude and Relaxation

Topic 8: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Girls can attend for just one term or come along all year (different activities every term!).

We explore these topics through movement, exploration, nature play, worksheets, journals, vibrant discussion, active games, role play and art/craft. Afternoon Tea will be supplied each afternoon.The Girl Power Naturally Club will recommence in 2024

Stay tuned for more details to come!



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