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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Country Kids Childcare is an award winning daycare that prides itself on making a difference in children's lives. As Early Childhood Educators we strive to achieve our best professionally and also for each child strive to be the best self they can be. 

Our Story

Fourteen years ago I left working at a long daycare centre when I discovered Family Daycare. Having the opportunity to still further my career in Early Childhood without the constraints of Centre policy and management seemed like a dream come true. I had the chance to build on my professional knowledge while being my own boss running my own business. Each year I look at new and exciting ways to nurture, educate and most of all allow children to have fun! Nature Play has become a huge part of my curriculum as I love the freedom, creativity, risk taking and natural environment that Forest School allows each child and families.

Meet The Team

Supporting Businesses

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